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How Can I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself?

How Can I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself?

Wants to Increase Your Online Presence. Create Your Wikipedia Page with Peoplepedia.

These days, it’s difficult to perform any internet search without a Wikipedia article appearing on the first page (if not in the first position!) of the search results. Wikipedia has become such a prominent source of information that it feels like you can find a Wikipedia article about just about anything – or anyone!

While this might feel true, it’s actually not.

Getting on Wikipedia or being permitted to have a Wikipedia article about yourself, is not such an easy task. Figuring out how to get on Wikipedia will lead you to find that only people who meet a very particular set of standards set forth by Wikipedia are permitted to have information about them published on the website. Anybody and everybody else is denied.

How to Get on Wikipedia

How to get on Wikipedia is one of those questions that plagues most internet users. There are articles about so many people, so how does one get an article about him or herself published?

The truth is, Wikipedia will not let most people have articles on the website. You have to be considered “notable” by Wikipedia’s standards, and the article about you has to be written by somebody other than you.

Doesn’t this seem unfair?

Not only do you need to meet Wikipedia’s standards for “notability” (which is incredibly vague), but you also need to find someone who is willing to write an article...

Reasons Why Peoplepedia Is Better Than Wikipedia

Reasons Why Peoplepedia Is Better Than Wikipedia

At this point, most everybody has read a Wikipedia article about a person before. You type their name into Google, and if they’re well-known or famous, there’s likely to be a Wikipedia page about them in the first few Google search results. 

Reading all these Wikipedia articles about other people has probably led you to wonder, “Can I create my own Wikipedia page for myself?” It’s totally natural for your mind to wander and for you to catch yourself wanting to create a Wikipedia page for a person, especially yourself. 

The fact of the matter is that you can try to create a Wikipedia page for a person, but it’s not as easy to it pull off as you might think. There are so many Wikipedia articles about people on the web that it seems like it would have to be simple to publish one, right?



I have researched how to create a Wikipedia page for a person and found that Wikipedia is extremely choosy when it comes to whom they allow having a Wikipedia article about them. 

The reason you can find Wikipedia articles about rich and famous people is that Wikipedia only accepts articles about “notable” individuals. 

Even if you have an amazing story to share that many people would be very interested to read, Wikipedia will deny you if you don’t meet their cookie-cutter definition of “notable.” 

After finding out how to create a...

I Want to Be Remembered Forever (How to Leave Your Imprint on the Universe)

I Want to Be Remembered Forever

I want to be remembered forever. Do you? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably “yes.” It’s totally natural to have the desire to live on after death, at least in some capacity.

Life is fleeting and impermanent. In fact, no one gets out alive. The knowledge that we are going to die is constantly lurking in the backs of our minds, making itself known every time we have a “close call.”

Knowing that our day will come sooner or later puts some degree of pressure on us to live like there’s no tomorrow, because we can never be sure which day will be our last. With this pressure comes the drive to create something that will be left behind in the world when we are gone. How Do I Want to Be Remembered When I Die?

We all know that we can’t put off creating this “something” forever, because time is of the essence. The longer we wait to start, the more likely it is that we won’t have enough time to get it done. In fact, it would serve all of us well to start today.

Leave Your Imprint on the Universe Today

How will you be remembered after you die? And more importantly, how will you start working on whatever it is you plan to leave behind today?

I have the answer.

Leave your imprint on the universe today by starting work on your own Peoplepedia profile. Starting my profile helped...

How to Make a Wikipedia Page vs. a Peoplepedia Profile


Wikipedia and Peoplepedia are both online encyclopedias, and they both contain articles about people. Based on these criteria, they sound pretty similar, right?

Not exactly.

What you’ll find after delving a little bit deeper is that Wikipedia and Peoplepedia are actually quite different. Wikipedia contains articles about far more than just people; it’s a full-blown encyclopedia. This means that articles on Wikipedia must comply with strict rules and regulations from which Peoplepedia articles are exempt.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed from the name, Peoplepedia exclusively focuses on articles about people, and users are not subject to the rigorous rules and regulations that make contributing to Wikipedia such a headache. Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page

How to Make Your Own Wikipedia Page

If both Wikipedia and Peoplepedia contain articles about people, you’re probably wondering how to make your own Wikipedia page. If there are articles about people on Wikipedia, why can’t one of the articles be about you?

This is where the major difference lies.

To make your own Wikipedia page, you need to meet certain standards for “notability.” This is a supremely vague term used by Wikipedia, but it’s basically supposed to mean that you must be considered “important” to deserve your own Wikipedia page. Not very welcoming, right?


What Does It Take to Get Your Own Wikipedia Page?

What Does It Take to Get Your Own Wikipedia Page

Anyone who’s ever turned to Wikipedia to find out the full story about somebody else’s life has probably wondered how to get on Wikipedia themselves. When we read the kinds of detailed, and sometimes fairly intimate, information that is written about people on Wikipedia, we stop and ask ourselves, “What does it take to get a Wikipedia page?”

For public figures, celebrities, the super-rich, and even the infamous, it seems natural that a Wikipedia page would be dedicated to them. They are likely to be people about which the general public has interest, so it’s not surprising that somebody has taken the time to start a Wikipedia page about them.

But how do you get yourself listed on Wikipedia? How do you get your life story published in a place where anybody can read it?

One word: Peoplepedia.


Conflict of Interest Editing

The problem with Wikipedia is that it only allows certain people to have articles written about them. And another key consideration is that it’s frowned upon to write your own Wikipedia article; somebody else is supposed to write it about you.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “How is somebody else supposed to write my own story for me? Nobody could possibly know everything about my life. They would miss so much of my story and get so many of the details wrong!”

Even if you weren’t thinking about those things initially, I bet you are now!

Wikipedia’s rules state that contributing...

Find Personal Information About People with an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race

Find Personal Information About People with an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race

Peoplepedia is an encyclopedia of the human race. It is basically a version of Wikipedia that solely contains articles about people. These articles accumulate with every new user who joins and shares their life story, so over time, Peoplepedia will gradually grow into a comprehensive encyclopedia of the human race.

People are very complicated beings. We are each a product of our past experiences, and every single one of us operates in a unique way. Yes, culture affects our behavior to an extent, but our behavior is also largely determined by our own decisions.

The best way to get to know someone is to know the details of their lives – to know about their behavior and beliefs, hopes and fears, wants and needs. Having the ability to find personal information about someone helps you gain a more intimate understanding of who they are and what they’re truly like.

Find Personal Information About Real People on an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race

Peoplepedia is an online encyclopedia of the human race and it allows you to find personal information about real people. Profiles on Peoplepedia are autobiographical in nature, so they allow you to meet and get to know people that you’ve never even seen in real life!

Or maybe you’re interested in learning about somebody you do know in real life? Peoplepedia is good for that too. If the person you’re interested in learning more about has a Peoplepedia profile, that’s all you need to...

How to Make Someone Remember You After Death by Sharing Your Story Online

How to Make Someone Remember You After Death by Sharing Your Story Online

I think all of us have read obituaries that felt sadly barren of detail and empty of feeling. “So-and-so joined the Lord on Monday at St. Mary’s Hospital. She is survived by her daughter, Cindy, and son, Jeffrey. Funeral information to be circulated shortly.”

Something along those lines. Generic, lacking any kind of genuine grief or sorrow over this person’s passing, and certainly lacking any information about the kind of person that “So-and-so” was.

If you want to be remembered after death as you really were, rather than portrayed in this passionless and, frankly, indifferent nature, there are certain steps you can take to achieve this.

If you want to know how to make someone remember you forever, you’ve come to the right place. Find Personal Information About People with an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race


How to Make Someone Remember You

The key to making someone remember you after you’ve died is to leave behind a piece of yourself that is entirely unique to you. I’m not referring to something material, like a family heirloom, but rather something more spiritual than that.

If you wish to be remembered, you must leave behind a piece of your soul through which future generations can become acquainted with you. It’s a matter of leaving behind the part of you that makes you, well, you.

What sets you apart? What are your hopes, fears, and dreams? What was the scariest moment of your life? What moment defined the...

How Do I Want to Be Remembered When I Die?

When I pass from this life to the next, I want to leave something behind. I don’t expect to have monuments built in my honor, but I don’t want to slip away unnoticed. I want to be survived by something – a legacy, a message, a statement.

The question is: How do I want to be remembered when I die?

Knowing that I want to be remembered is one thing, but figuring out how I want to be remembered when I die is another. It’s the difference between wishful thinking and turning those thoughts into a meaningful reality.

I searched and searched for a way that I could be remembered that was also in the realm of possibility. It’s not like we can just will ourselves to be famous, noteworthy, or especially consequential in our community, country, or world. I needed to find a way for everyday people to be remembered when they die. How to create your own wikipedia page

Faced with this predicament, I began doing some research. I thought that maybe I would like to have a Wikipedia page about myself, but I quickly realized that Wikipedia is strictly regulated and only people who are “notable” can have their own Wikipedia pages. Creating a Wikipedia page about myself turned out not to be feasible.

Then, I came across an alternative to Wikipedia, and I knew I had found what I was looking for! Read on to find out what this alternative was, and why...

Why It's So Difficult to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Person (And What You Can Do Instead)

How to create a wikipedia page for a person

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Person

Have you ever tried to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or for a person? If you have, you probably wound up feeling disappointed. And if you haven’t, save yourself the trouble of trying, because it’s not going to work.

You may be questioning, “Why can’t I create my own Wiki? There seems to be a Wikipedia page about everyone. Why can’t there be one about me?” Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page?


The Rules of Wikipedia to Create Page for a Person

In short, you can’t create a Wikipedia page about yourself or for a person because Wikipedia has lots of rules. While it may seem that just about anything you can think of has a Wikipedia article written about it, that’s not necessarily true.

In order to create a Wikipedia page for a person, the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines state that, “the person who is the topic of a biographical article should be ‘worthy of notice’ or ‘note’ – that is, ‘remarkable’ or ‘significant, interesting, or unusual enough to deserve attention or to be recorded’ within Wikipedia as a written account of that person's life. ‘Notable’ in the sense of being ‘famous’ or ‘popular’ – although not irrelevant – is secondary.”

So, what exactly does that mean? Who does Wikipedia deem “worthy of notice,” “remarkable,” “significant,” “interesting,” or “unusual enough to deserve attention or to be recorded”? Who gets to decide if...

Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page?

Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page

Think of a celebrity you admire. If you type this person’s name into Google and run a search, you’re sure to find a Wikipedia page about them on the first page of search results. Over the last several years, Wikipedia has evolved into a trusted source of information. It’s easy to navigate, and usually quite up-to-date.

From a person’s Wikipedia page, you can learn all sorts of information about them: their birthdate, a record of the work they’ve done, their most noteworthy accomplishments, the twists and turns of their personal life, etc.


Have you ever wondered what your Wikipedia page would say about you?

I think it’s safe to say that many of us have had this thought. We wonder which pictures of us would be used, which of our accomplishments would be listed, and whether or not our personal lives would sound exciting to a reader who stumbled across the article…


Can I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself?


The question is just begging to be asked: Can you create your own Wikipedia page?

The answer is no, at least for the vast majority of us.

Wikipedia only allows individuals who are deemed “notable” (by their standards) to have Wikipedia articles written about them, and they discourage people from writing articles about themselves.

In other words, the answer to, “Can I create my own Wikipedia page?” is no. How to Create Wikipedia Page for a Person


Turn To...