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What Legacy Do You Want to Leave Behind for Your Family?

What Legacy Do You Want to Leave Behind for Your Family

Have you ever wondered how to leave a legacy for your family? Something for them to hold onto and remember you by once you’re gone?

While it is true that death is a part of life, and all of us will be making our departure at some point, that does not necessarily mean that being forgotten is also an inevitable part of existence.

When you make the choice to be remembered after death, you are faced with a question that only you can answer: What legacy do I want to leave behind?

When you’re struggling to answer the question, “How can I leave a legacy?”, you should keep in mind that hundreds of other people have answered it by creating a Peoplepedia profile!

You may be the only one who can craft your legacy, but you can at least receive advice and suggestions from other Peoplepedia users who have already made the choice to leave a legacy.

What Legacy Do I Want to Leave Behind?

When you decide to leave behind a legacy with Peoplepedia, you are making the choice to leave behind something substantive and meaningful for your family and other loved ones.

A Peoplepedia profile means so much more than a tangible heirloom, sum of money, or nothing at all. And best of all? Creating a profile on Peoplepedia is, and always will be, completely free!

A Peoplepedia profile consists of various sections of text in which you are free to let your true thoughts and...

Encyclopedia of People: Build a Digital Legacy with Your Own Encyclopedia Entry

Encyclopedia of People: Build a Digital Legacy with Your Own Encyclopedia Entry

Not too long ago, books were the best source of credible information. In particular, reference books, like almanacs and encyclopedias, were hailed as the most credible resources for research papers, school projects, and anything else that required tried-and-true factual information. 

These days, the internet has changed a lot about the ways in which we obtain information. We no longer rely solely on books as credible sources of information. In fact, even libraries are jam-packed with people using computers to surf the web! 

The beauty of the internet is that it’s updated constantly and it’s available to a huge portion of the global population. Of course, not everyone currently has internet access, but according to Wikipedia, about half of the world population does! 

Since the creation of the internet, information is widely available online. Not only is it accessible via computer, but also via a host of mobile devices. Before too long, the internet will be accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Stories by Global Authors

Now that people like you and me who live all over the world have access to the internet, it creates opportunities to share life stories, information, ideas, and like humans have never been able to before. 

Peoplepedia not only embraces this development but invites you to participate in the movement! Our website is entirely comprised of autobiographies written by people all over the world. These stories by global authors help us to achieve our mission.


Our Mission

The mission of Peoplepedia is to create...

I Want to Be Remembered Forever (How to Leave Your Imprint on the Universe)

I Want to Be Remembered Forever

I want to be remembered forever. Do you? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably “yes.” It’s totally natural to have the desire to live on after death, at least in some capacity.

Life is fleeting and impermanent. In fact, no one gets out alive. The knowledge that we are going to die is constantly lurking in the backs of our minds, making itself known every time we have a “close call.”

Knowing that our day will come sooner or later puts some degree of pressure on us to live like there’s no tomorrow, because we can never be sure which day will be our last. With this pressure comes the drive to create something that will be left behind in the world when we are gone. How Do I Want to Be Remembered When I Die?

We all know that we can’t put off creating this “something” forever, because time is of the essence. The longer we wait to start, the more likely it is that we won’t have enough time to get it done. In fact, it would serve all of us well to start today.

Leave Your Imprint on the Universe Today

How will you be remembered after you die? And more importantly, how will you start working on whatever it is you plan to leave behind today?

I have the answer.

Leave your imprint on the universe today by starting work on your own Peoplepedia profile. Starting my profile helped...

Protecting Your Digital Legacy

The thing about legacies is that leaving one behind means you’re not around to manage it anymore. The message that you leave for others after you pass on will remain as it was on the day you died.

Eventually, you will no longer have the ability to tweak, revise, or enhance it. Your life is only so long, and once it’s over, any unfinished work is going to stay that way – unfinished.

During your life, you must take the initiative to start sculpting your legacy in preparation for your departure. After all, it’s impossible to finish something you never start!

For this reason, we strongly urge you to manage your digital legacy proactively. If you continue to wait, you could miss your chance. Instead, secure your digital legacy by signing up for Peoplepedia.

Manage Your Digital Legacy

While we can’t control everything about us that winds up on the internet, we certainly have the ability to control some of the content. The content that speaks the loudest is content we publish ourselves: from the source, straight from the horse’s mouth, or however you want to say it!

If you want to manage your digital legacy effectively, you must create it for yourself. Don’t leave it to other people to leave traces about you on the internet. Take the reins and decide for yourself what you want the internet to say about you and your life.

Peoplepedia gives you the opportunity to take control of your digital legacy....

How to Make Someone Remember You After Death by Sharing Your Story Online

How to Make Someone Remember You After Death by Sharing Your Story Online

I think all of us have read obituaries that felt sadly barren of detail and empty of feeling. “So-and-so joined the Lord on Monday at St. Mary’s Hospital. She is survived by her daughter, Cindy, and son, Jeffrey. Funeral information to be circulated shortly.”

Something along those lines. Generic, lacking any kind of genuine grief or sorrow over this person’s passing, and certainly lacking any information about the kind of person that “So-and-so” was.

If you want to be remembered after death as you really were, rather than portrayed in this passionless and, frankly, indifferent nature, there are certain steps you can take to achieve this.

If you want to know how to make someone remember you forever, you’ve come to the right place. Find Personal Information About People with an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race


How to Make Someone Remember You

The key to making someone remember you after you’ve died is to leave behind a piece of yourself that is entirely unique to you. I’m not referring to something material, like a family heirloom, but rather something more spiritual than that.

If you wish to be remembered, you must leave behind a piece of your soul through which future generations can become acquainted with you. It’s a matter of leaving behind the part of you that makes you, well, you.

What sets you apart? What are your hopes, fears, and dreams? What was the scariest moment of your life? What moment defined the...

How Can I Be Remembered After Death?

How Can I Be Remembered After Death

A question that plagues many of us is, “How do I want to be remembered?” Just after we’ve lost someone we know, this question takes an especially central position in the forefront of our minds.

Perhaps we attend a funeral, memorial service, wake, or another event to mourn the passing of someone we know. We observe the other people there, see how they’re behaving, look around at the photos and other sentimental props, and exchange stories with others about the person we’ve lost.

No matter what culture you come from, everybody has a different way of mourning their dead. Most cultures hold some kind of special event to celebrate the life of the person who’s passed, which is attended by people who knew and cared about that person.

Attending one of these events always makes me ponder what I want to be remembered for. As I’m currently remembering someone else, my mind always wanders to how I want to be remembered when it’s my turn to be mourned.


Determine How You’ll Be Remembered

At so many of the funerals I’ve attended, the deceased person didn’t leave any instructions or provide any guidance to their loved ones for how exactly they wished to be remembered.

It’s left in someone else’s hand to use their best judgment and plan the best memorial service they possibly can, but there’s no substitute for being remembered the way you want to be remembered.

This is why websites like Peoplepedia are so important...

What Will Happen to Your Digital Life After Death

Digital Life After Death

Your Digital Afterlife

Have you ever considered what will happen to your digital life after death? Though sweeping generalizations can certainly not be made, it’s fair to say that most people have at least one profile on a social networking site – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, or any of the other plethora of options out there.

Digital Life After Death

What happens to your social networking site profiles after you die? And more importantly, what do you want to happen to them after you die?

On many social networking sites, your profile will simply slip away into the oblivion once you stop logging in. Many social networking sites don’t promote the addition of truly meaningful content to user profiles, so surviving friends and family members don’t find any reason to continue visiting a deceased person’s profile after their passing.

For example, once you stop tweeting, will anybody really go back and reread the archive of your previous tweets after you’re gone? Tweets are such brief snippets of thought. It’s hard to even get a complete sentence to fit within the character limit imposed on tweets.

Peoplepedia is different.

Digital Afterlife Services

Peoplepedia is a social networking site that allows you to build a profile over the course of your life, and then ensure that your profile is left intact when you pass on. Peoplepedia encourages users to lay the plans for their own digital afterlife services. Protect Your Digital Legacy


What Legacy Do I Want To Leave Behind

What You Should Leave Behind After You Die


Death is a part of life, and everyone must come to accept this. Preparing for your death can ease the process not only for you, but for the people you leave behind when you pass on. Sure, there’s a will to be written and material possession to divvy up, but what else should you leave behind after you die?


Leave Your Legacy Online

The truth is, material possessions can only accomplish so much when it comes to leaving a legacy after you die. Heirlooms may be valuable in monetary terms, but they don’t capture your heart, soul, and spirit.

Wearing your grandmother’s locket or keeping your father’s favorite cuff links in your jewelry box may bring back memories of that person when you look at them, but what if you could actually bring back a piece of that person instead?

No, we aren’t talking about black magic or reincarnation. We’re talking about encouraging the people you love to create Peoplepedia profiles alongside you so that you can all leave your legacy online.

How to leave a legacy for your family

Creating a Peoplepedia profile is the ultimate piece of you that you can leave behind after you die. Unlike heirlooms or sums of money, your Peoplepedia profile will contain your heart, soul, and spirit. Instead of leaving behind something that’s empty, leave behind a Peoplepedia profile that’s full of your thoughts, realizations, and wisdom.



"I Want to Be Remembered": Building a Legacy Online

I Want to Be Remembered, I Want to Be Recognized, I Want to be Known


Have you ever wondered how your grandparents met? Maybe you know your grandmother worked at the general store and your grandfather was a regular customer there, but do you know what their first date was like? Did they even go on dates? Do you know what qualities they found attractive in one another, or what obstacles they overcame to be together?

It’s totally natural to wonder about the lives of your family members who came before you. After all, if it hadn’t been for your grandparents, and then your own parents, you wouldn’t be with us today!

Sadly, details about the lives of our ancestors often remain unknown to us. Unless you are one of the lucky few who inherited a relative’s diary or journal, you will never have access to their story as they would have told it. Plus, pages tatter and paper yellows with age, so even a diary or journal cannot preserve one’s story forever.

With the advent of the internet, you now have the opportunity to preserve yourself – the very essence of your being – so that your loved ones, and anybody else who’s interested, can get to know the real you. Web pages don’t tatter and computer screens don’t yellow, so the key to preserving yourself for future generations is to do so digitally.

What Is Peoplepedia?

Peoplepedia is an online...