December 2017

Reasons Why Peoplepedia Is Better Than Wikipedia

Reasons Why Peoplepedia Is Better Than Wikipedia

At this point, most everybody has read a Wikipedia article about a person before. You type their name into Google, and if they’re well-known or famous, there’s likely to be a Wikipedia page about them in the first few Google search results. 

Reading all these Wikipedia articles about other people has probably led you to wonder, “Can I create my own Wikipedia page for myself?” It’s totally natural for your mind to wander and for you to catch yourself wanting to create a Wikipedia page for a person, especially yourself. 

The fact of the matter is that you can try to create a Wikipedia page for a person, but it’s not as easy to it pull off as you might think. There are so many Wikipedia articles about people on the web that it seems like it would have to be simple to publish one, right?



I have researched how to create a Wikipedia page for a person and found that Wikipedia is extremely choosy when it comes to whom they allow having a Wikipedia article about them. 

The reason you can find Wikipedia articles about rich and famous people is that Wikipedia only accepts articles about “notable” individuals. 

Even if you have an amazing story to share that many people would be very interested to read, Wikipedia will deny you if you don’t meet their cookie-cutter definition of “notable.” 

After finding out how to create a...

Encyclopedia of People: Build a Digital Legacy with Your Own Encyclopedia Entry

Encyclopedia of People: Build a Digital Legacy with Your Own Encyclopedia Entry

Not too long ago, books were the best source of credible information. In particular, reference books, like almanacs and encyclopedias, were hailed as the most credible resources for research papers, school projects, and anything else that required tried-and-true factual information. 

These days, the internet has changed a lot about the ways in which we obtain information. We no longer rely solely on books as credible sources of information. In fact, even libraries are jam-packed with people using computers to surf the web! 

The beauty of the internet is that it’s updated constantly and it’s available to a huge portion of the global population. Of course, not everyone currently has internet access, but according to Wikipedia, about half of the world population does! 

Since the creation of the internet, information is widely available online. Not only is it accessible via computer, but also via a host of mobile devices. Before too long, the internet will be accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Stories by Global Authors

Now that people like you and me who live all over the world have access to the internet, it creates opportunities to share life stories, information, ideas, and like humans have never been able to before. 

Peoplepedia not only embraces this development but invites you to participate in the movement! Our website is entirely comprised of autobiographies written by people all over the world. These stories by global authors help us to achieve our mission.


Our Mission

The mission of Peoplepedia is to create...

Have Readers Who Follow Your Life Story

Have Readers Who Follow Your Life Story

With the rise of social media over the last couple decades, there is a heightened emphasis on the concept of gaining followers. Websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow people to follow you and your user activity on those sites, and for you to do the same to others.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have followers who had a greater interest in your life than just scrolling past your latest posts or status updates?

Wouldn’t you like to hear more real life success stories from real life people instead of wasting your time reading the pointless back-and-forth on other social networking sites?

The best way to find people with amazing stories and have the privilege of reading these real life success stories from real life people is by signing up for Peoplepedia.


Interesting Real Life Stories

Peoplepedia is a platform that promotes people with amazing stories to share their interesting real life stories with the world and connect with others who would like to continue following their journeys through life.

If you are sick and tired of seeing tweets and comments and silly pictures that don’t actually add any real value to your life, then it sounds like you’re disenchanted with the mainstream social media sites and you’re ready for a change of pace.

Peoplepedia is the change of pace you’re craving.

On Peoplepedia, you can share your true life story and be accepted and embraced by other members...