Reasons Why Peoplepedia Is Better Than Wikipedia

Reasons Why Peoplepedia Is Better Than Wikipedia

At this point, most everybody has read a Wikipedia article about a person before. You type their name into Google, and if they’re well-known or famous, there’s likely to be a Wikipedia page about them in the first few Google search results. 

Reading all these Wikipedia articles about other people has probably led you to wonder, “Can I create my own Wikipedia page for myself?” It’s totally natural for your mind to wander and for you to catch yourself wanting to create a Wikipedia page for a person, especially yourself. 

The fact of the matter is that you can try to create a Wikipedia page for a person, but it’s not as easy to it pull off as you might think. There are so many Wikipedia articles about people on the web that it seems like it would have to be simple to publish one, right?



I have researched how to create a Wikipedia page for a person and found that Wikipedia is extremely choosy when it comes to whom they allow having a Wikipedia article about them. 

The reason you can find Wikipedia articles about rich and famous people is that Wikipedia only accepts articles about “notable” individuals. 

Even if you have an amazing story to share that many people would be very interested to read, Wikipedia will deny you if you don’t meet their cookie-cutter definition of “notable.” 

After finding out how to create a Wikipedia page for a person, I knew there needed to be a place where Wikipedia-type articles could be published about anyone, not just “notables.” 

That is where the idea for Peoplepedia originated – out of a desire to create a space where anyone is welcome to share their story, connect with others, discuss how they truly think and feel about things, and leave something meaningful behind when they pass away. 

Instead of asking, “Can I create my own Wikipedia page for myself?” you should be asking “Can I create my own Peoplepedia page for myself?” 

The answer to that is always “yes!”


Why Peoplepedia Is Better Than Wikipedia

Wikipedia is so selective when it comes to who can publish informative articles about themselves. Peoplepedia welcomes all. 

Plus, Wikipedia discourages people from writing about their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. What is the point of writing about yourself if you’re not even allowed to include the aspects of your personality that make you unique? 

Peoplepedia is far superior to Wikipedia in the sense that it actually allows people to express themselves and be memorialized forever. Wikipedia provides nothing more than a distant, impersonal overview of a person’s life, whereas Peoplepedia is rich, deep, and thorough. 

You feel as if you’re getting to know someone on Peoplepedia. Wikipedia? Not so much.


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It’s never too early to start working on your Peoplepedia profile. Life is precious, and you don’t want to delay starting this project only to delay too long! 

Sign up for Peoplepedia today and start the incredible journey of creating an online profile that encapsulates your soul and spirit so that you live on well past your death!

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