August 2017

How to Make a Wikipedia Page vs. a Peoplepedia Profile


Wikipedia and Peoplepedia are both online encyclopedias, and they both contain articles about people. Based on these criteria, they sound pretty similar, right?

Not exactly.

What you’ll find after delving a little bit deeper is that Wikipedia and Peoplepedia are actually quite different. Wikipedia contains articles about far more than just people; it’s a full-blown encyclopedia. This means that articles on Wikipedia must comply with strict rules and regulations from which Peoplepedia articles are exempt.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed from the name, Peoplepedia exclusively focuses on articles about people, and users are not subject to the rigorous rules and regulations that make contributing to Wikipedia such a headache. Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page

How to Make Your Own Wikipedia Page

If both Wikipedia and Peoplepedia contain articles about people, you’re probably wondering how to make your own Wikipedia page. If there are articles about people on Wikipedia, why can’t one of the articles be about you?

This is where the major difference lies.

To make your own Wikipedia page, you need to meet certain standards for “notability.” This is a supremely vague term used by Wikipedia, but it’s basically supposed to mean that you must be considered “important” to deserve your own Wikipedia page. Not very welcoming, right?


What Does It Take to Get Your Own Wikipedia Page?

What Does It Take to Get Your Own Wikipedia Page

Anyone who’s ever turned to Wikipedia to find out the full story about somebody else’s life has probably wondered how to get on Wikipedia themselves. When we read the kinds of detailed, and sometimes fairly intimate, information that is written about people on Wikipedia, we stop and ask ourselves, “What does it take to get a Wikipedia page?”

For public figures, celebrities, the super-rich, and even the infamous, it seems natural that a Wikipedia page would be dedicated to them. They are likely to be people about which the general public has interest, so it’s not surprising that somebody has taken the time to start a Wikipedia page about them.

But how do you get yourself listed on Wikipedia? How do you get your life story published in a place where anybody can read it?

One word: Peoplepedia.


Conflict of Interest Editing

The problem with Wikipedia is that it only allows certain people to have articles written about them. And another key consideration is that it’s frowned upon to write your own Wikipedia article; somebody else is supposed to write it about you.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “How is somebody else supposed to write my own story for me? Nobody could possibly know everything about my life. They would miss so much of my story and get so many of the details wrong!”

Even if you weren’t thinking about those things initially, I bet you are now!

Wikipedia’s rules state that contributing...

Find Personal Information About People with an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race

Find Personal Information About People with an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race

Peoplepedia is an encyclopedia of the human race. It is basically a version of Wikipedia that solely contains articles about people. These articles accumulate with every new user who joins and shares their life story, so over time, Peoplepedia will gradually grow into a comprehensive encyclopedia of the human race.

People are very complicated beings. We are each a product of our past experiences, and every single one of us operates in a unique way. Yes, culture affects our behavior to an extent, but our behavior is also largely determined by our own decisions.

The best way to get to know someone is to know the details of their lives – to know about their behavior and beliefs, hopes and fears, wants and needs. Having the ability to find personal information about someone helps you gain a more intimate understanding of who they are and what they’re truly like.

Find Personal Information About Real People on an Online Encyclopedia of the Human Race

Peoplepedia is an online encyclopedia of the human race and it allows you to find personal information about real people. Profiles on Peoplepedia are autobiographical in nature, so they allow you to meet and get to know people that you’ve never even seen in real life!

Or maybe you’re interested in learning about somebody you do know in real life? Peoplepedia is good for that too. If the person you’re interested in learning more about has a Peoplepedia profile, that’s all you need to...

People with Amazing Stories: Read Real Life Success Stories from People

Real Life Success Stories from Real Life People

People with Amazing Stories: Read About These Inspiring People and Share Your Own Story!

There is nothing quite as inspiring as real life success stories from real life people. People with amazing stories can serve as inspiration for us and lead us to pursue a life filled with our own amazing stories.


A Perfect Story for Every Occasion

We have all met at least one charismatic person who always seems to have a perfect story for every occasion. Imagine being at a dinner party and the topic of lawn care comes up, and lo and behold, somebody has a raucously funny story relating to lawn care. Who knew trimming hedges and cutting grass could be so funny?

Later that same evening, the same person is contributing to conversation with tales of their college years, their travels, the scariest moments of their life, and that time they tried to wrestle a gator on Thanksgiving.

Remember that not everybody who has these kinds of amazing stories is extroverted and outgoing. Maybe other people at the dinner party had stories to contribute too, but they were too shy to speak up and have the spotlight on them while they told them.

People with amazing stories are all around us. Sometimes they are vocal, and sometimes they are not, but the important thing to remember is that anyone can have inspirational real life stories that would interest anybody who heard them.


Peoplepedia is...