How to Make a Wikipedia Page vs. a Peoplepedia Profile


Wikipedia and Peoplepedia are both online encyclopedias, and they both contain articles about people. Based on these criteria, they sound pretty similar, right?

Not exactly.

What you’ll find after delving a little bit deeper is that Wikipedia and Peoplepedia are actually quite different. Wikipedia contains articles about far more than just people; it’s a full-blown encyclopedia. This means that articles on Wikipedia must comply with strict rules and regulations from which Peoplepedia articles are exempt.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed from the name, Peoplepedia exclusively focuses on articles about people, and users are not subject to the rigorous rules and regulations that make contributing to Wikipedia such a headache. Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page

How to Make Your Own Wikipedia Page

If both Wikipedia and Peoplepedia contain articles about people, you’re probably wondering how to make your own Wikipedia page. If there are articles about people on Wikipedia, why can’t one of the articles be about you?

This is where the major difference lies.

To make your own Wikipedia page, you need to meet certain standards for “notability.” This is a supremely vague term used by Wikipedia, but it’s basically supposed to mean that you must be considered “important” to deserve your own Wikipedia page. Not very welcoming, right?

Make Own Wikipedia Like Page on Peoplepedia

On the other hand, Peoplepedia is about as welcoming as it gets. We don’t impose any subjective judgements on people to determine whether or not they’re suited for our site.

Our site is meant to be an encyclopedia of the human race, and we believe that no soul should be omitted!

Write Your Own Story

Another key difference between Wikipedia and Peoplepedia is that Wikipedia strongly discourages you from writing your own story. They don’t think you have the right to talk about your own life and feel that you should hand the reins to somebody else. Interesting real life stories

Doesn’t this sound like a recipe for lots of misinformation? For a website that’s so concerned with accuracy, this certainly doesn’t seem like a good practice.

Plus, on Wikipedia, you’re not allowed to include any of your own feelings or opinions in the article. It’s supposed to be totally neutral.

But shouldn’t an article about a person inherently include information about how that person thinks? If we strip somebody of their feelings and opinions, a person loses a huge portion of their individuality.

If we wish to truly capture a person’s existence in writing, it’s an absolute necessity to address that person’s feelings, opinions, and beliefs. Peoplepedia understands this, and in order to give every person the utmost opportunity to express themselves freely, honestly, and accurately, we also let you write your own story!

Peoplepedia Allows You to Share

So, unlike Wikipedia, Peoplepedia allows you to share whatever you want regarding your own unique personality and perspective. We let you write your own story.
Wikipedia tries to censor you and prevents you from contributing to your own story. They let somebody else try to capture your existence for you.

When people want to know how to make their own Wikipedia page, we let them know that to make your own Wikipedia page is to surrender your right to be involved in your own memorialization.

Once this is understood, it’s remarkable how nearly everybody opts to make a Peoplepedia profile instead.

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