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Everyone has a story to tell. From inspiring true life stories of your childhood to following your dreams, creating a family, and establishing your career, you deserve a place to share those stories. We all deserve a place where we can share and read real life stories of people just like you and me.

Here at Peoplepedia, we think that everyone’s stories matter—not just the stories of the rich and famous. Wikipedia was created with this idea in mind, but it doesn’t go far enough. It only accepts “notables”. What about the rest of us? We deserve a place to share interesting real life stories that can be searched and shared within our families and around the world.

Peoplepedia is the place where you can share your special, one-of-a-kind, interesting real life story. All someone has to do is search for your name online and your page will pop up—a page that has been crafted by you. A page that’s free and will exist forever.

Inspirational real life stories from people of all ages

Because we accept inspirational real life stories from everyone, Peoplepedia is a great tool for people of all ages. But, the earlier you get started, the better!

Living as a millennial is a unique experience that you should be able to share. Craft a history of your life up to this point so that there’s something you can share with your children about your younger years, directly from your younger self.

Peoplepedia is great for baby boomers too! Instead of trying to figure out the world of blogs, you can leave a digital legacy for your family on a single website. Not only will your loved ones be able to search for you on our website, they can enter your name into any search engine and your Peoplepedia page will pop up. Our website is an especially wonderful place to share amazing real life love stories. If you’ve had a long and successful marriage, share it with us!

Leave a lasting online legacy

People with amazing stories get forgotten. We don’t always feel like our real life stories are worth sharing because there never seems to be a good opportunity to share our experiences. If we do manage to open up and share our life story, those who hear it aren’t likely to pass it along. Memories fade, stories fade, and before you know it, stories about your grandparents and great grandparents are lost in time.

It doesn’t have to be that way. As long as the Internet is around, your amazing true life stories can be recorded forever. With Peoplepedia, you’re searchable forever too. By recording your history online on our website, your children, children’s children, and children’s children’s children will be able to learn about your life in your own words.

Record your interesting real life stories on Peoplepedia

It’s all about real life success stories from real life people on Peoplepedia, which means we want your life story! Not only can you leave your legacy with us, you can search for another inspirational person story from our other members as well.

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