Digital Legacy After Death

Leave a Digital Legacy

Have you thought about the legacy that you’ll leave behind? Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about it until it’s too late. Family members end up with a single memento of your entire life, even though, in the future, they’d like to know much more about your daily experience, your passions, and your milestones. Don’t depend on loved ones to dig through your belongings in order to learn more about you. Invite them into your world by leaving a digital legacy.

With the digital legacy services from Peoplepedia, you’re able to share anything and everything about your life with anyone who is interested in learning more about you, now and in the future. The biggest benefit of using our digital afterlife services is that people can search for you and find you online. That enables anyone who’s interested to learn more about you, even if they don’t have access to your journals, photos, and other belongings.

Protect your digital legacy

 Chances are, you’re already leaving a digital legacy of sorts online, but hunting down all that information can be nearly impossible. From digital documents on ancestry sites to blogs and social media, your future ancestors have their work cut out for them. Protect your digital legacy by making it easy for everyone to search for and find you in one place—Peoplepedia.

When you create an account on our website, you’re able to secure your digital legacy by creating a hub for your online life. It’s a great place to mention and link areas online where you can be found. List blogs, digital newspaper articles, and links to your social media sites. You can even leave your digital assets after death, allowing people to learn more about the items you surrounded yourself with and where you lived.

Be immortal—digital life after death

When you plan your digital legacy, you’re literally planning for your digital life after death. By sharing your personal information online, you can ensure the details of your life live on well after you’re gone.

Your digital legacy after death on Peoplepedia means allowing you to tell your story your way. There are three ways that you can manage your digital legacy:

  • This Is Me — My Soul: Capture your soul by sharing your passions, what you love, and what makes you tick.
  • This Is My Story — My Life: Share your life story by detailing your career, your family milestones, and your personal achievements.
  • Along the Way — My Day: Leave a snapshot of your day-to-day life by composing a daily journal that other people can comment on.

Manage your digital legacy for free

It’s our mission to make sharing your life with your loved ones, now and in the future, easy. That means we allow you to manage your digital legacy for free on our website.

It’s easy to get started! Just visit our website and sign up. Then, you can start composing your digital legacy right away. Your future ancestors will thank you!

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