January 2018

3 Major Benefits of Making Your Own Wiki Page

3 Major Benefits of Making Your Own Wiki Page

Do you ever imagine what a Wikipedia article that’s written about you would say? Of all the pictures of you that have been taken over the years, which would be the single photo selected to depict you as a person for the article? 

What would the article sections be titled? “Early life in Omaha,” “Postgrad Research,” “Pregnancy Complications,” and “Second Marriage?” 

Or what about “Immigration from Turkey,” “Mother’s Illness,” “Lottery Win,” and “Non-Profit Organization?” 

How would your life be divided into chapters? What chapter are you living right now? If someone were to sit down and write a biography about you but limit it to just a few pages of text, what would the critical plot points be?


How to Make Your Own Wiki

Perhaps imagining what your Wikipedia page would say slowly evolved into you writing it in your head. Maybe you started by imagining it in theory but slowly started composing the sections in your mind. 

Wanting to make your own Wiki page, or at least wondering how to make your own page, are thoughts that most internet users have had at some point. 

What you might not realize is that rather than make your own Wiki page, what you should really be focusing on is how to make your own page on Peoplepedia. 

The 3 major benefits you reap when you make your own Wiki page are the same as the 3 major benefits you reap when you discover how to make your own...

Share Your Autobiography

Share Your Autobiography, Share Your Achievements, Share Biography

Find Others Who Admire You & Perhaps Reach Out to You

Are you interested in finding people with whom you have things in common? Do you ever feel like the people around you in your everyday life don’t know the real you, or just don’t understand you? 

What is the better way there to put your heart on your sleeve and unabashedly be your true self than to share your autobiography online?


Share My Biography

If you share your achievements, hopes, fears, desires, regrets, and sources of confusion with the world in a public space, such as Peoplepedia, you are likely to attract many other people who feel similarly. 

The age of the internet is a new time and place for getting to know people. You have the option to share your autobiography with thousands of readers, and you don’t need a publisher to do it! The only thing you need is Peoplepedia. 

Peoplepedia is a space that has allowed me to share my biography and I have been reached out to by some amazing people – people who I never would’ve met if I hadn’t taken the time to create my Peoplepedia profile.


Share Your Achievements

Too often in this world, your achievements go unnoticed, don’t they? With billions of other people on the planet, sometimes it feels like we slip through the cracks or get overshadowed. Everyone feels this way sometimes. 

Do you want to be recognized for what you’ve...

How to be Remembered Forever

How to be remembered forever

4 Easy Ways to Be Discovered

The thought of being forgotten is not a pleasant one. Over the course of your life, you have certainly said things, done things, and witnessed things that are worth remembering. Even if you don’t realize your life is worth remembering, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t become well known and recognized. 

Many of us are naturally humble and modest. It makes us uncomfortable to hear others bragging about us, and we can’t help but blush and look away when somebody decides to bring up our accomplishments in front of us. 

However, it’s important to realize that our natural tendency toward humility and modesty can actually be a bad thing. 

In what way could be possessing humility and modesty be a bad thing? 

You probably deserve to become well known and recognized, and hearing your story could benefit many others, but you’re too shy about sharing it, so it goes unheard. 

You Should Be Remembered Forever

Repeat after me: I want to be remembered forever. Saying it is the first step toward believing it. 

Maybe you’re not convinced, and you’re wondering, “Why do people want to be remembered?” 

The answer is that everyone has something to contribute to the collective memory of the world. Your life is not insignificant, and if you think that it is, you’re doing the world a disservice. 

You have unique thoughts, opinions, and ideas that others will never know about if you don’t proudly declare, “I want to be...