October 2017

How to Find People with Amazing Stories

How to find people with amazing stories

In this crazy world, there’s no shortage of people with amazing stories. The problem is that actually meeting those people in our day-to-day lives can be hard to do.

Most of us have our routines, and it’s not always easy to meet new people when we’re busy doing what we need to do to meet all our obligations.

How are we supposed to find people with amazing stories?

At Peoplepedia, we found ourselves asking the same question. In fact, this is one of the many reasons we chose to start the Peoplepedia community! Write Your Life Story Online

Read Real Life Stories of People

The Peoplepedia community is meant to allow people to share about themselves and in doing so, connect with others over the internet.

We encourage our users to create profiles and take some time out of their lives and put their story down in a place where it will be read, pondered, valued, and perhaps even cherished by others.

Our goal is to promote the exchange of real life stories of people – from one Peoplepedia user to another – so that people with amazing stories can come together to be heard and appreciated by all.

Your Story Is Amazing

If you are here today, living and breathing, then it’s certain that you have endured some struggle. Everyone has endured struggle to some degree, and everyone’s struggles are different.

The fact that you’ve overcome the hurdles life has placed in your path...

I Want to Be Remembered Forever (How to Leave Your Imprint on the Universe)

I Want to Be Remembered Forever

I want to be remembered forever. Do you? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably “yes.” It’s totally natural to have the desire to live on after death, at least in some capacity.

Life is fleeting and impermanent. In fact, no one gets out alive. The knowledge that we are going to die is constantly lurking in the backs of our minds, making itself known every time we have a “close call.”

Knowing that our day will come sooner or later puts some degree of pressure on us to live like there’s no tomorrow, because we can never be sure which day will be our last. With this pressure comes the drive to create something that will be left behind in the world when we are gone. How Do I Want to Be Remembered When I Die?

We all know that we can’t put off creating this “something” forever, because time is of the essence. The longer we wait to start, the more likely it is that we won’t have enough time to get it done. In fact, it would serve all of us well to start today.

Leave Your Imprint on the Universe Today

How will you be remembered after you die? And more importantly, how will you start working on whatever it is you plan to leave behind today?

I have the answer.

Leave your imprint on the universe today by starting work on your own Peoplepedia profile. Starting my profile helped...