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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Relationships between people are built on a foundation of mutual trust, admiration, respect, and love. If one or more of these aspects are missing, it’s difficult to have a lasting relationship with your partner. It seems that some people instinctively know how to build a healthy relationship with their partner, while for others, relationships aren’t built easily. Knowing how to have a healthy relationship is important for not only the well-being of your partner, but for your personal welfare, too.

4 Keys to Building a Healthy Relationship

Trust the signs of healthy relationship

Trusting your partner is one of the cornerstones of how to have a healthy relationship. If one or both of you don’t trust the other, then it becomes difficult for the relationship to grow and for both people to feel close to each other.

Obsessively checking on your partner and their whereabouts or going through their phone is not a sign of trusting your partner. If there are concerns, the best way to resolve them is to communicate with your partner about your feelings and what exactly makes you feel like you don’t fully trust them. This will open the door for both of you to honestly talk about your feelings and concerns, leading to a healthier relationship.


Respecting your partner

Respecting your partner does not just mean physically respecting their body, but also their mind, goals, career, interests, and hobbies. Just...

How To Meet People in a New City

How to Meet New People

Let's Meet People in New City

Moving away from friends and family is a tough transition, there’s no doubt about that. And the reasons for moving vary; a new job, a new house, or a whim to start a new chapter in your life may lead you to a new city. Whether it’s the next town, the next state, or halfway across the globe, having little to no friends in a new city is a little frightening. The silver lining in all of it is starting over with a new social circle and discovering fun ways to meet new people in a new city.

Best Way to Meet New People in a New City

Although it may seem daunting, it’s OK if you are struggling to figure out how to meet new people. We have just a few suggestions on how to meet people in a new city.

Coworkers may be a fantastic jumping point into new social circles. The person who sits next to you in the office may be acquaintances with someone else looking for new friends. Once you two meet each other and start forming connections, it can help you widen your net of potential friends.

Just be careful to not integrate yourself too much into your work social circle. It could later hinder you from finding friends outside of work, and you’ll find yourself mixing business with pleasure and blurring the lines between professional and friendly.

Don’t be afraid to...

Inspirational Stories from Real Women

Inspirational Stories from Real Women

Short Stories About Life Experiences. Encouragement from Real Women (Including You!) 

Historically, the voices of women have been stifled. It wasn’t until relatively recently (at least when you consider how long human record keeping goes back) that women were even taught to read and write! 

For this reason, there seems to be a dearth of inspirational stories from real women. It’s not that women haven’t been accomplishing amazing feats for centuries, just as men have been doing – it’s that for much of history, women lacked the necessary education and resources to leave their stories behind for future generations. 

Get Inspirational Stories from Real Women

Thankfully, the age in which women were quieted, disregarded, and treated as lesser than men is coming to an end. We know that women are equally as brave, intelligent, opinionated, and capable as men, and we are dying to hear the inspirational stories from real women that have been kept from us in the past!


Share Your Life Experiences 

At Peoplepedia, we believe that anybody – be they man, woman, or anything in between – should share life stories online. We encourage people from all walks of life to share the aspects of their existence that are thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, sad, shocking, and unbelievable. 

As a woman with a story to tell, when you share your life experiences on Peoplepedia, you have the potential to touch the lives of many young women who have felt overlooked by society. 

From a young age,...

How to Make Friends Online

How to Make Friends Online

What to Do When You Have no Friends

One of the most fulfilling aspects of life is having friends and making connections with people with whom you can turn to for advice, comfort, and joy. Some people have plenty of friends in their everyday lives that it seems like almost too many friends, and some people have none.

Before the internet, having few or no friends was a problem that could only be fixed by forcing social interactions. It may be hard to fill up free time if you didn’t know what to do when you have no friends. But now, with the internet, it’s easy to make friends online without feeling forced or worrying about appearances or body language.

Here’s a couple tips for how to make friends online and what to do when you have no friends.

Change Your Perspective

There are plenty of people facing the same problem as you, although it may seem like you’re alone in the world. The first thing to realize before seeking social connections is that this is a common challenge that exists in every country in the world. Feeling less alone in this situation will help you pass the first obstacle on your quest to make friends online.

Find Online Message Boards

There are message boards for virtually everything. All you need to do is search for one that aligns with your interest. If you enjoy riding bikes, writing poems, reading books, fishing, hiking, playing...

When will I Meet My Soulmate?

when will i meet my soulmate

Soulmate (n.)

1: a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament; a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Most people—whether they know it or not—are searching for their soulmate. That one other person in the world who you have a connection with that you will never find elsewhere, romantic or platonic. There’s plenty of debate on the best way to find your soulmate; some say to let it happen naturally, while others advocate for a grand adventure in search of your soulmate.

When will I meet my soulmate?

For those of you asking yourselves “When will I meet my soulmate?” The short answer is you’ll never know until it happens. While it’s almost impossible to predict when you will meet your soulmate, it is possible to set yourself up for the best way to find your soulmate.

The first thing is to expose yourself to a variety of social situations. While you may not enjoy coffee at the local café, your soulmate may be there grabbing their morning cup of joe every day. A quick trip to pick up some tea or a pastry could lead to you bumping into them, thus meeting your soulmate. You may find them in an online community centered around a mutual interest.

How do I Know If I’ve Found My Soulmate?

You know you’ve found your soulmate when the two of you are completely authentic and trusting with one another. You will...

Looking for New Job Opportunities? Peoplepedia Can Help You.

Seeking New Job Opportunities

At any given moment, countless people are actively seeking new job opportunities. For many, this means seeking new job opportunities, but it can also mean seeking new experiences through extracurricular activities or forging new social connections.

How Peoplepedia Help You Find New Job Opportunities

Seeking a new job opportunity can be very intimidating, especially for people who have spent a long stint in their current position, with their current company, or in their current industry. However, “burn out” is a real phenomenon, and sometimes people crave the unfamiliar because they’re simply no longer enthusiastic about what they’ve been doing. 

People in the workforce spend a good portion of their waking hours at work. In the United States, full-time workers are usually on the job for at least 40 hours per week, which comprises about 35% of a person’s waking hours if they get 8 hours of sleep per night. That’s a big chunk! 

Spending this much time doing a job you don’t like or that just no longer brings you fulfillment is a sacrifice you don’t have to make. If you have decided to take the plunge and are currently seeking new opportunities, Peoplepedia could be a helpful resource.


Actively Seeking New Opportunities

If you are currently seeking new opportunities, you can leverage your Peoplepedia profile to help you with your job search! 

Your Peoplepedia profile is so much more detailed and revealing than a traditional resume. A resume is confined to one page in...

How Peoplepedia Can Help a Single Man Looking for Love

How Peoplepedia Can Help a Single Man Looking for Love

Single Man Looking for Love

Any single man looking for love will tell you it can be a long and lonely search. Looking for a single woman can be difficult for many reasons. For one, it’s not always obvious which women are single and which are already in committed relationships. 

Another is that it can be very intimidating to approach a woman and strike up a casual conversation. Plus, you can’t always tell if a woman is going to share opinions, hobbies, and goals that are similar to your own, so you might be making an effort to connect with someone that simply isn’t your type. 

Being a man looking for a single woman can sometimes feel like a nowhere road. Maybe it’s been a while since your last romantic relationship and you feel a little rusty, or maybe you’ve never met anyone that you connect with before and this is a brand new territory. 

As a single man looking for a single woman, there are certain traits you’re looking for in a partner. What traits you desire in a partner are totally your decision, and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you to change your preferences if you truly feel that they’re representative of what will make you happy with a partner.

You’re probably thinking, “How can Peoplepedia help a single man looking for a single woman?” 

Read on to find out!


Peoplepedia Can Help a Single Man Looking for Love

People can help a...

How to Share Your Achievements Without Bragging

How to Share Your Achievements Without Bragging

I truly hope that every person who reads this has felt proud of themselves at some point. Regardless of what made you feel that way, it’s important to feel pride and accomplishment regularly in your life.

When we feel pride over something we’ve done, we also feel that our lives have a sense of purpose. Meandering through life without ever feeling proud of yourself and your accomplishments is a one-way ticket to feelings of worthlessness and detachment.


Share Your Achievements

It is important to feel proud of yourself, but another aspect of feeling accomplished is getting validation from others. It’s one thing to believe you’ve done something remarkable, but it’s another for somebody to reinforce this belief.

In order to receive validation, you must share your achievements with others so that they might give you the congratulations you deserve!

The only trouble is that sometimes it feels a bit boastful to share your achievements with others, especially if they have yet to achieve something comparable.


Share Your Autobiography

If you want to share your accomplishments in a way that doesn’t feel boastful or come across as bragging, then you ought to share your autobiography on Peoplepedia!

When you share your autobiography on Peoplepedia, you can express pride over your accomplishments without feeling as if you’re bragging. It is just space where you are free to express yourself and document your life story, and anybody who is interested in reading about your accomplishments can do so by choice.

When I write my autobiography on...

Looking for New Opportunities and Challenges

Why are You Looking for a New Opportunity and Challenges

Why are You Looking for a New Opportunities and Challenges

Are you looking for new challenges and opportunities? Have you found that since you realized you should start looking for new opportunities and challenges, you’ve felt overwhelmed by the number of different avenues you can take to find them, and ultimately felt even more stuck than you did before?


This is not uncommon

Realizing you need to start looking for new challenges and opportunities is one thing, but conducting your search (identifying opportunities that interest you, researching them, deciding if you can commit your time and potentially money to them, etc.) is a fairly labor-intensive and lengthy process. 

Maybe you’re not just looking for new hobbies and ways to spend your free time, but also new job opportunities to help you earn a comfortable living and get fulfillment out of your life. Work is an inevitable part of life, and finding a job that you enjoy and find worth doing is a huge component of feeling overall satisfaction with your life. 

Why are you looking for a new opportunity? Why are you interested in new job opportunities? 

These are questions you must answer before you can find opportunities that will truly improve your quality of life and make you feel like you’ve found your calling.


Looking for New Challenges And Opportunities

I think we have all probably experienced a challenge that was stressful and trying while we were living it, but...

How Can I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself?

How Can I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself?

Wants to Increase Your Online Presence. Create Your Wikipedia Page with Peoplepedia.

These days, it’s difficult to perform any internet search without a Wikipedia article appearing on the first page (if not in the first position!) of the search results. Wikipedia has become such a prominent source of information that it feels like you can find a Wikipedia article about just about anything – or anyone!

While this might feel true, it’s actually not.

Getting on Wikipedia or being permitted to have a Wikipedia article about yourself, is not such an easy task. Figuring out how to get on Wikipedia will lead you to find that only people who meet a very particular set of standards set forth by Wikipedia are permitted to have information about them published on the website. Anybody and everybody else is denied.

How to Get on Wikipedia

How to get on Wikipedia is one of those questions that plagues most internet users. There are articles about so many people, so how does one get an article about him or herself published?

The truth is, Wikipedia will not let most people have articles on the website. You have to be considered “notable” by Wikipedia’s standards, and the article about you has to be written by somebody other than you.

Doesn’t this seem unfair?

Not only do you need to meet Wikipedia’s standards for “notability” (which is incredibly vague), but you also need to find someone who is willing to write an article...