Become Well Known and Recognized

How to be Remembered Forever

How to be remembered forever

4 Easy Ways to Be Discovered

The thought of being forgotten is not a pleasant one. Over the course of your life, you have certainly said things, done things, and witnessed things that are worth remembering. Even if you don’t realize your life is worth remembering, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t become well known and recognized. 

Many of us are naturally humble and modest. It makes us uncomfortable to hear others bragging about us, and we can’t help but blush and look away when somebody decides to bring up our accomplishments in front of us. 

However, it’s important to realize that our natural tendency toward humility and modesty can actually be a bad thing. 

In what way could be possessing humility and modesty be a bad thing? 

You probably deserve to become well known and recognized, and hearing your story could benefit many others, but you’re too shy about sharing it, so it goes unheard. 

You Should Be Remembered Forever

Repeat after me: I want to be remembered forever. Saying it is the first step toward believing it. 

Maybe you’re not convinced, and you’re wondering, “Why do people want to be remembered?” 

The answer is that everyone has something to contribute to the collective memory of the world. Your life is not insignificant, and if you think that it is, you’re doing the world a disservice. 

You have unique thoughts, opinions, and ideas that others will never know about if you don’t proudly declare, “I want to be...

How to Make Someone Remember You Forever by Writing Your Story Online

How to Make Someone Remember You Forever

Being remembered forever is something that many of us fantasize about. We relish the thought of living on, even after our earthly bodies have expired. We wish that we could preserve ourselves so that anybody could meet us, learn from us, and hear about our life experiences.

Each of us has a story that is totally unique, and it’s troubling to think about how many people leave this life without writing their stories down for future generations to read.

No two people are exactly the same, and no two people ever will be.

Knowing that you are a one-of-a-kind is very empowering. Perhaps it motivates you to become well known and recognized for all the things that make you who you are.

There has never been anyone just like you, and there never will be. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you, and everything that makes you unique, perished just because your physical body reached the conclusion of its time on Earth?

Signing up for Peoplepedia and writing your story online will put an end to this fear!


Why Do You Want to Be Remember Forever?

People want to be remember forever because they comprehend how special they are. It’s truly amazing to consider that out of approximately 7.5 billion people living on this planet, there is not a single person who is exactly like you. Not one.

Many people don’t understand the gravity of this fact. They don’t realize the great power, and the great...