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Find an Obituary for a Specific Person

Find an Obituary for a Specific Person

Discover A Free Online Obituary

Does it interest you to read about other people’s lives? Are you curious to know how your life compares to the lives of others? If so, it stands to reason that you might enjoy having the ability to find an obituary online free. 

An obituary isn’t always dull, vague, and lacking a narrative structure. In fact, did you know that you can find an obituary for a specific person using Peoplepedia? 

What’s more is that you can find an obituary for a specific person while it’s still a work in progress! That’s right – you can read about somebody’s life as it’s unfolding. The obituary is still taking shape as you read, and you can return frequently to check for updates. 

Find Someone's Obituary Free 

Peoplepedia offers users the unique opportunity to find someone's obituary free online and keep pace with their life story as it’s happening. 

All obituaries on Peoplepedia are autobiographical in nature, meaning people write their own obituaries! This guarantees an up close and personal perspective on the course of their lives. You never have to take someone else’s word for it, because it’s always straight from the horse’s mouth. 

Being able to find an obituary online free can help you to get a sense of what kinds of lives other people are leading. After all, you only know much about the lives of your closest friends and family. The lives of strangers, especially people who live in...

How to be Remembered Forever

How to be remembered forever

4 Easy Ways to Be Discovered

The thought of being forgotten is not a pleasant one. Over the course of your life, you have certainly said things, done things, and witnessed things that are worth remembering. Even if you don’t realize your life is worth remembering, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t become well known and recognized. 

Many of us are naturally humble and modest. It makes us uncomfortable to hear others bragging about us, and we can’t help but blush and look away when somebody decides to bring up our accomplishments in front of us. 

However, it’s important to realize that our natural tendency toward humility and modesty can actually be a bad thing. 

In what way could be possessing humility and modesty be a bad thing? 

You probably deserve to become well known and recognized, and hearing your story could benefit many others, but you’re too shy about sharing it, so it goes unheard. 

You Should Be Remembered Forever

Repeat after me: I want to be remembered forever. Saying it is the first step toward believing it. 

Maybe you’re not convinced, and you’re wondering, “Why do people want to be remembered?” 

The answer is that everyone has something to contribute to the collective memory of the world. Your life is not insignificant, and if you think that it is, you’re doing the world a disservice. 

You have unique thoughts, opinions, and ideas that others will never know about if you don’t proudly declare, “I want to be...

Write Your Own Online Obituary for Free

Write Your Own Online Obituary for Free

I think you’d have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t read an obituary in the newspaper or online and wondered, “What will my obituary say? Who will write it? Will it sound as robotic and impersonal as this?”

If you’ve had these thoughts, you’re certainly not alone, and the difference between you and the rest of the population is that you clearly have interest in eliminating these concerns - or you wouldn’t be reading this blog!

If you’re in search of information on how to make an obituary online, you’ve come to the right place. Peoplepedia is designed for those of us who wish to make an obituary online, or even find an obituary online free if you’re searching for one about somebody else!

How to Make an Obituary Online

The first step to making an online obituary is to sign up for Peoplepedia! No, we aren’t just saying that because we want to promote our site. Peoplepedia was created so that people like you could have a space to memorialize themselves online.

When you sign up for Peoplepedia (which is free!), you get to create a profile that is yours and only yours. Everything on your profile is something you’ve put there. You have total control.

Peoplepedia isn’t like other social networking sites where other people can post things on your profile. We know how important it is to keep your online legacy from being tarnished by others, so we have limited other users’ abilities to...

How to Make an Obituary Online

How to Make an Obituary Online

These days, every newspaper has a website where you can access all, or at least some, of the articles that are printed in the physical copy. The obituaries section is no exception.

You can find an obituary online free on the websites of most newspapers, but did you know there’s another, richer source of free online obituaries?

When I say there’s a “richer source” of online obituaries available, I mean that there’s a website where obituaries don’t have to follow the same dry, emotionless, formulaic genre conventions of typical newspaper obituaries.

When was the last time you read an obituary in a newspaper that truly moved you?

Is your answer to that question “never?” It is for me, too!

Newspaper obituaries tend to be extremely blunt, and they never convey anything meaningful about the deceased.

There is an alternative to the traditional obituary, and that alternative is Peoplepedia.

How to Make an Obituary Online

Peoplepedia allows people to write their own, heartfelt obituaries online for free. Not only can you use Peoplepedia to find an obituary online free about someone else, you can use it to compose your own free online obituary in preparation for your inevitable departure from this world.

Peoplepedia is meant for people who want to be remembered, recognized, and known for more than just the boring, basic information that’s included in a traditional newspaper obituary.

I know that...