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Peoplepedia Obsoletes Online Obituary page 

Better Than An Eternal Online Obituary 

The Peoplepedia Page is the best way to know and remember someone, therefore replacing the traditional online obituary with something much better and instantly available. How do you want to be remembered?

One great way to learn about loved ones and ancestors is by reading their obituary. It’s a great way to get a quick snapshot of their life, but finding these obituaries isn’t easy. In order to track down the obituary, you have to dig into the archives, which can be a time-consuming process. In addition, you may end up feeling disappointed because obituaries are meant to be short and sweet. You’ll learn a few key pieces of information, but that’s about it. Peoplepedia is about to change all that. It is so much better than an eternal online obituary. 

We think you should be able to find an obituary for a specific person quickly and easily, without the need to comb through the archives. We also think an obituary should say a little bit more. It should say something about the person’s hobbies, interests, and life experiences.

Not only can anyone find a person’s Peoplepedia Page quickly online free, our members have complete control over the information they want to share with their family and future ancestors, making the content on Peoplepedia much more powerful than any obituary. How do you want to be remembered?

So Much More than just a digital obituary 

Obituaries are important because they share a specific death date, and they’re a great way to find other relatives, but that is not enough. Why can’t a digital obituary be something more? Something much more?

When someone makes an obituary online, it’s about a deceased loved one. But at, you’re able to make your page your own. Share your life story in many different ways. The “This Is Me — My Soul” section is the perfect place to share your passions, as well as what moves and motivates you. The “This Is My Story — My Life” section is the perfect place to share your milestones, accomplishments, and achievements. The “Along the Way — My Day” section is a bit like a running diary. It’s a great way to share what happens to you day-to-day. Those are the things you want to be remembered for!

Because you can easily find someone’s Peoplepedia Page free forever after he or she passes, you can essentially find someone's obituary free on Peoplepedia, only so much better. Indeed, your grandchildren and their children will be able to learn everything they ever wanted to know directly from you, making it much more personal than the average obituary.

How to make an obituary online so much better 

Instead of depending on your family to create your obituary, you can in essence do it yourself with the much superior Peoplepedia Page. But exactly how do you make an obituary online?

At Peoplepedia, it’s as easy as signing up and getting started! We make your superior legacy online obituaries easy to create and easy to search. You can share as much, or as little information, as you want. And unlike a traditional obituary that represents a single snapshot in time, you can come back as many times as you like and update your personal Peoplepedia Page! It’s the perfect gift to leave your loved ones who will still want to know about you, even after you’re gone.

Get started for free  

The best part about Peoplepedia is that you can through your Peoplepedia Page essentially make an obituary online for free! Just take a moment to sign up and you can get started on your personalized digital legacy…in essence, your digital obituary. You can even search for and find an obituary online free. We can’t wait to see you on Peoplepedia while you are here, living and enjoying life! And remember, your Peoplepedia Page will “live on” after you pass, as your proud and respected digital obituary.

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