How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Relationships between people are built on a foundation of mutual trust, admiration, respect, and love. If one or more of these aspects are missing, it’s difficult to have a lasting relationship with your partner. It seems that some people instinctively know how to build a healthy relationship with their partner, while for others, relationships aren’t built easily. Knowing how to have a healthy relationship is important for not only the well-being of your partner, but for your personal welfare, too.

4 Keys to Building a Healthy Relationship

Trust the signs of healthy relationship

Trusting your partner is one of the cornerstones of how to have a healthy relationship. If one or both of you don’t trust the other, then it becomes difficult for the relationship to grow and for both people to feel close to each other.

Obsessively checking on your partner and their whereabouts or going through their phone is not a sign of trusting your partner. If there are concerns, the best way to resolve them is to communicate with your partner about your feelings and what exactly makes you feel like you don’t fully trust them. This will open the door for both of you to honestly talk about your feelings and concerns, leading to a healthier relationship.


Respecting your partner

Respecting your partner does not just mean physically respecting their body, but also their mind, goals, career, interests, and hobbies. Just because two people are in a relationship and interested in each other, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in the same things outside the relationship. Music, movies, hobbies, personal style, and art tastes can differ between two people in a healthy relationship.

One problem that is often overlooked is respect in life-oriented decisions, especially regarding career. Both partners must respect the others’ decisions with their respective careers, as this is crucial in how to have a healthy relationship. Criticizing your partner because they make much more or much less than you, are rapidly rising or stagnant in their field, or they’re moving away or can’t move away is not being respectful.

It’s important for you and your partner to respect each other entirely, as it is a major component in how to build a healthy relationship.



Admiration differs in love in that admiration is a respect and warm approval, while love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Admiration can be given to anyone or anything, but it’s important that you and your partner have mutual admiration for each other. This means that when they do something—no matter how small—your awe of them grows.  

Even if they are struggling personally, physically, or professionally, it’s important to admire them for their efforts and successes. Both partners should be happy and feel a warmth in their hearts when they see the other person and cheer each other on in their everyday lives.


Love the perfect signs of Healthy Relation

Obviously, love is one of the criteria in how to build a healthy relationship. If there are no mutual and intense feelings of deep affection between two people, it becomes difficult to feel motivated to build a healthy life together.

The love you feel for your partner should also be different than the love you feel for friends and family. If you love them the way you love friends, then maybe that person is not the person to build a relationship with. And that’s OK. Sometimes it takes a couple tries before you find the person you truly want to have a healthy relationship with.

But once two people have mutual admiration, trust, respect, and love, learning how to have a healthy relationship will come not without challenges, but also with rewards.

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