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Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page?

Can I Create My Own Wikipedia Page

Think of a celebrity you admire. If you type this person’s name into Google and run a search, you’re sure to find a Wikipedia page about them on the first page of search results. Over the last several years, Wikipedia has evolved into a trusted source of information. It’s easy to navigate, and usually quite up-to-date.

From a person’s Wikipedia page, you can learn all sorts of information about them: their birthdate, a record of the work they’ve done, their most noteworthy accomplishments, the twists and turns of their personal life, etc.


Have you ever wondered what your Wikipedia page would say about you?

I think it’s safe to say that many of us have had this thought. We wonder which pictures of us would be used, which of our accomplishments would be listed, and whether or not our personal lives would sound exciting to a reader who stumbled across the article…


Can I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself?


The question is just begging to be asked: Can you create your own Wikipedia page?

The answer is no, at least for the vast majority of us.

Wikipedia only allows individuals who are deemed “notable” (by their standards) to have Wikipedia articles written about them, and they discourage people from writing articles about themselves.

In other words, the answer to, “Can I create my own Wikipedia page?” is no. How to Create Wikipedia Page for a Person


Turn To Peoplepedia

So where do you turn if you want the story of your life to be available on the internet for all to read? The answer to this question is one you might like a little better. You turn to Peoplepedia.

Peoplepedia is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an encyclopedia of people. In fact, we like to call it a 21st-century encyclopedia of the human race.

Anyone can create a Peoplepedia page about themselves. It’s free to use and available to all. Plus, Peoplepedia doesn’t force you to comply with strict guidelines like Wikipedia. Your Peoplepedia page is just that – your page.

With Peoplepedia, YOU are at liberty to create a page that captures who you truly are. Nobody can write your Peoplepedia page for you. You have total control when it comes to writing your story, and you don’t have to take the risk of trusting somebody else to write it for you.

Peoplepedia is the best way for you to leave behind a legacy. If you want to be known, remembered, and recognized, Peoplepedia is the perfect place for you.


Peoplepedia Wants You

Wikipedia is picky when it comes to who can have a page on their website. Most of us don’t fit the bill, but that doesn’t mean the internet doesn’t have a place for us.

Peoplepedia wants you, even if Wikipedia doesn’t.

If you’re ready to start building your online legacy using a website that welcomes you with open arms, sign up for Peoplepedia right now. We’re eager to have you, and we say “no” to nobody.