Let the World Know Who You Are by Sharing Your Story Online

Sharing Your Story Online

Most people at some point have kept a journal in which they wrote their secrets, dreams, feelings, and documented their daily life. While some of those people have been able to keep a journal for an extended period of time, others may have stopped documenting their lives. This could be due to losing the physical journal, being unable to find time to write dedicated entries, or slowly becoming uninterested in writing down their story.

Maybe instead of keeping a journal throughout the span of an entire life, someone decides to write their feature-length memoir, but the organization of facts, interviews, and the daunting task of recording all their memories at once is discouraging and seemingly impossible.

The solution is to write your story in an online journal! Here’s why:

  1. You will never lose it. With an online application that lets users record their thoughts, feelings, and daily life, there’s no risk of losing that information in a virtual journal. It even becomes more therapeutic to write a story online, knowing that it will always be there for you to go back and access earlier memories. You can write a story online every day with the assurance that no matter what happens, it will never be lost by fire, theft, or even computer failure.
  2. It takes less time to write out, which means you can write more. Typing on a computer is much quicker than writing when someone shares their life story. This means that as your inner monologue is going seemingly a million miles a minute, your hands can keep up with your train of thought on a keyboard.
  3. Sharing your life story online can be fun. Using an online journal means that you can connect with other people using the same service and begin swapping stories. As they share life stories with you, you can share your life story with them as well and begin forming ever-lasting connections with people you would otherwise have never met.
  4. You can leave behind your memoir. The earlier you begin online journaling, the more of your life you can share with others. Write a story online and have it stay online to be shared with the world forever. This will serve as the memoir you thought you could never find time to write.

It’s very easy to share your life story online with Peoplepedia. It’s all about real life stories from real life people, which means you and your life story can join the everlasting digital library. The important thing to remember is that the sooner you start, the sooner others can read your shared life story.

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