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Important Aspects to Include When Telling Your Life Story

Important Aspects to Include When Telling Your Life Story

When I think about writing my life story, I always find myself stopping to ask myself, “What are the most important aspects to include when telling my personal story?” 

I ask myself this because I wish to use my time wisely and write about the aspects of my life that people will find most interesting and most impactful. 

There is so much to say about one’s life, and narrowing it down to the most interesting and most impactful material can be hard to do without a second (or third!) opinion. Making these decisions independently can be kind of tough. 

So, when I choose to publish my life story in a public space like Peoplepedia, where anyone in the world is free to stumble upon it and get to know me through my own writing, I want to feel confident that I’m including the details and tidbits that my readers are most curious about.


Writing My Life Story

When I sat down to write my life story, I did the groundwork that now serves as guidelines for every Peoplepedia user! 

When I chose to publish my life story, I did my best to assess my writing and separate it into distinct sections, or topics. 

Upon doing so, I quickly realized that the most prominent happenings, confessions, opinions, discoveries, and revelations of my life could be placed in a few different broad categories. 

The categories are: “This Is Me — My Soul,” “This Is My Story — My Life,” and “Along the Way — My Day.”


Publish My Life Story

These three categories represent the most important aspects to include when telling your personal story. 

You should include writings from your soul. Let people know who you are. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel. Let the world hear your thoughts, opinions, fears, and dreams. This is the section where you do your best to capture the complexity of a human spirit in words. 

You must also include writings about your life. Give a quick overview of your story. Where have you lived? Why have you moved? Who have you met that has influenced you? What jobs have you done? What amazing things have you witnessed? You must document the most important points of your life story in this section. Share your life story online.

Lastly, you must write about your day. Write about your daily routine. How has your daily routine evolved over the years? Do you even have a routine? That mere absence of a routine is unique and worth writing about. Most people fall into some kind of predictable pattern, as that is human nature, so your lack of routine could prove to be a point of much interest for many readers.


Write on Peoplepedia

I discovered that these three categories are the staples of a meaningful and engrossing life story through my own experience. 

When you sign up for Peoplepedia, you will be prompted to write about each of these categories to complete your user profile. Write Your Life Story Online

I encourage you to publish your life story just like I publish my life story – courageously for all to see and enjoy. Only when we take risks and expose our true selves can we be connected with others who are truly like us. 

Sign up for Peoplepedia today and begin composing your tale!

Along the Way - My Day

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