Create Your Own Encyclopedia

Document Your Autobiographical Encyclopedia Entry

Document Your Autobiographical Encyclopedia Entry

Have you ever wanted to create your own Encyclopedia entry about yourself? Stake your claim in the history of the world? Maybe you’re looking for some sort of the encyclopedia of the human race to add yourself to? It might be incredibly important to you to share your story for generations to read about you. You may not be a celebrity, famous historian, or noted inventor, but you are important to the history of the human race.

There is a way to share your story and create your own encyclopedia entry to add to the encyclopedia of the human race with Peoplepedia.

The Encyclopedia of the Human Race

Peoplepedia is the encyclopedia of people! You don’t have to be Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, or Harriett Tubman to have your own biographical page. You can even write it yourself, so you can decide how you are remembered by generations to come.

When you write your encyclopedia entry on Peoplepedia, you can choose to share your subjective feelings and mix them with objective fact. Not only can you write about the key events that happened in your life, but your perspective and feelings can be captured with those events. If you are proud of graduating from college, starting a new career, or winning a prestigious award, record how you felt in the moment and add a new dimension to an autobiographical entry.

Create Your Own Encyclopedia Entry Online for Free

With websites such as Wikipedia and Encyclopaedia Britannica, there is a very strict vetting process for pages and contributors. Having an account with Britannica actually costs money for those looking to further their knowledge about the world and the people in it.

Peoplepedia, on the other hand, is completely free. There’s no intense vetting and editing process. You are the writer, contributor, and editor of your own page. No one can tell you what to write and what not to write about your life. It makes it easy to stake your claim in the encyclopedia of the human race.

Creating a Peoplepedia Page

It can’t be stressed enough how easy it is to create your own encyclopedia entry. With Peoplepedia, you just sign up and begin crafting your story and personalizing your page. It’s never too late to start your page, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can start making connections with other people looking to join the history of the human race.

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