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Important Aspects to Include When Telling Your Life Story

Important Aspects to Include When Telling Your Life Story

When I think about writing my life story, I always find myself stopping to ask myself, “What are the most important aspects to include when telling my personal story?” 

I ask myself this because I wish to use my time wisely and write about the aspects of my life that people will find most interesting and most impactful. 

There is so much to say about one’s life, and narrowing it down to the most interesting and most impactful material can be hard to do without a second (or third!) opinion. Making these decisions independently can be kind of tough. 

So, when I choose to publish my life story in a public space like Peoplepedia, where anyone in the world is free to stumble upon it and get to know me through my own writing, I want to feel confident that I’m including the details and tidbits that my readers are most curious about.


Writing My Life Story

When I sat down to write my life story, I did the groundwork that now serves as guidelines for every Peoplepedia user! 

When I chose to publish my life story, I did my best to assess my writing and separate it into distinct sections, or topics. 

Upon doing so, I quickly realized that the most prominent happenings, confessions, opinions, discoveries, and revelations of my life could be placed in a few different broad categories. 

The categories are: “This Is...

How to Find People with Amazing Stories

How to find people with amazing stories

In this crazy world, there’s no shortage of people with amazing stories. The problem is that actually meeting those people in our day-to-day lives can be hard to do.

Most of us have our routines, and it’s not always easy to meet new people when we’re busy doing what we need to do to meet all our obligations.

How are we supposed to find people with amazing stories?

At Peoplepedia, we found ourselves asking the same question. In fact, this is one of the many reasons we chose to start the Peoplepedia community! Write Your Life Story Online

Read Real Life Stories of People

The Peoplepedia community is meant to allow people to share about themselves and in doing so, connect with others over the internet.

We encourage our users to create profiles and take some time out of their lives and put their story down in a place where it will be read, pondered, valued, and perhaps even cherished by others.

Our goal is to promote the exchange of real life stories of people – from one Peoplepedia user to another – so that people with amazing stories can come together to be heard and appreciated by all.

Your Story Is Amazing

If you are here today, living and breathing, then it’s certain that you have endured some struggle. Everyone has endured struggle to some degree, and everyone’s struggles are different.

The fact that you’ve overcome the hurdles life has placed in your path...

I Want to Be Remembered Forever (How to Leave Your Imprint on the Universe)

I Want to Be Remembered Forever

I want to be remembered forever. Do you? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably “yes.” It’s totally natural to have the desire to live on after death, at least in some capacity.

Life is fleeting and impermanent. In fact, no one gets out alive. The knowledge that we are going to die is constantly lurking in the backs of our minds, making itself known every time we have a “close call.”

Knowing that our day will come sooner or later puts some degree of pressure on us to live like there’s no tomorrow, because we can never be sure which day will be our last. With this pressure comes the drive to create something that will be left behind in the world when we are gone. How Do I Want to Be Remembered When I Die?

We all know that we can’t put off creating this “something” forever, because time is of the essence. The longer we wait to start, the more likely it is that we won’t have enough time to get it done. In fact, it would serve all of us well to start today.

Leave Your Imprint on the Universe Today

How will you be remembered after you die? And more importantly, how will you start working on whatever it is you plan to leave behind today?

I have the answer.

Leave your imprint on the universe today by starting work on your own Peoplepedia profile. Starting my profile helped...

Write and Share Your Life Story Online

Write and Share Your Story Online

The Benefits of Sharing Life Story Online


Have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of online storytelling? When you choose to write your story online, the impact can be greater than what you might assume.

When you share your life story online, you open yourself up to new opportunities to form friendships with people around the world, learn from the experiences of others, perhaps find your soulmate, or even connect with potential business associates!

Write Your Life Story Online

For many of us, the thought of sitting down to do some deep self-reflection and introspection is daunting. There are parts of us that we prefer to push to the background, experiences we prefer to forget, and attributes that we’re not proud of.

The beauty of sitting down to write about our lives and putting into words (actual grammatically correct sentences!) the story of how we became the people we are today is that we must confront our darkness and essentially do an investigation to find out where it originated.

So much can be said about the benefits of journaling, and anybody who has taken the time to journal can corroborate this statement: Writing about yourself facilitates knowing yourself.

Let Others Know Your Story

When you decide to become better acquainted with yourself by writing and sharing your life story, there are people who would surely love to read it. This type of journaling exercise doesn’t need to have an audience limited...

People with Amazing Stories: Read Real Life Success Stories from People

Real Life Success Stories from Real Life People

People with Amazing Stories: Read About These Inspiring People and Share Your Own Story!

There is nothing quite as inspiring as real life success stories from real life people. People with amazing stories can serve as inspiration for us and lead us to pursue a life filled with our own amazing stories.


A Perfect Story for Every Occasion

We have all met at least one charismatic person who always seems to have a perfect story for every occasion. Imagine being at a dinner party and the topic of lawn care comes up, and lo and behold, somebody has a raucously funny story relating to lawn care. Who knew trimming hedges and cutting grass could be so funny?

Later that same evening, the same person is contributing to conversation with tales of their college years, their travels, the scariest moments of their life, and that time they tried to wrestle a gator on Thanksgiving.

Remember that not everybody who has these kinds of amazing stories is extroverted and outgoing. Maybe other people at the dinner party had stories to contribute too, but they were too shy to speak up and have the spotlight on them while they told them.

People with amazing stories are all around us. Sometimes they are vocal, and sometimes they are not, but the important thing to remember is that anyone can have inspirational real life stories that would interest anybody who heard them.


Peoplepedia is...

How Can I Be Remembered After Death?

How Can I Be Remembered After Death

A question that plagues many of us is, “How do I want to be remembered?” Just after we’ve lost someone we know, this question takes an especially central position in the forefront of our minds.

Perhaps we attend a funeral, memorial service, wake, or another event to mourn the passing of someone we know. We observe the other people there, see how they’re behaving, look around at the photos and other sentimental props, and exchange stories with others about the person we’ve lost.

No matter what culture you come from, everybody has a different way of mourning their dead. Most cultures hold some kind of special event to celebrate the life of the person who’s passed, which is attended by people who knew and cared about that person.

Attending one of these events always makes me ponder what I want to be remembered for. As I’m currently remembering someone else, my mind always wanders to how I want to be remembered when it’s my turn to be mourned.


Determine How You’ll Be Remembered

At so many of the funerals I’ve attended, the deceased person didn’t leave any instructions or provide any guidance to their loved ones for how exactly they wished to be remembered.

It’s left in someone else’s hand to use their best judgment and plan the best memorial service they possibly can, but there’s no substitute for being remembered the way you want to be remembered.

This is why websites like Peoplepedia are so important...

Amazing Real Life Love Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

Amazing Real Life Love Stories

I think it’s safe to say that many of us grew up imagining what our lives would be like when we found that special someone. We saw happy couples around us and pondered, “Will I find someone who loves me like that?”

It would be unfair to claim that finding a lifelong romantic partner is imperative in the quest for happiness. People find all kinds of ways to be happy. Happiness has many definitions, and it can be achieved by anyone who seeks it out.

However, finding the love of one’s life is a source of great happiness for many people. While it may not be the only source of happiness, it is certainly one with a lot of clout.


Amazing Real Life Love Stories


The entertainment industry is constantly bombarding us with love stories. Books, movies, television series, graphic novels, video games… The list goes on and on. In fact, it’s difficult to find a popular series, whatever the medium, in which love is not a pivotal part of the plot.

Wouldn’t it be delightful to find a treasure trove of amazing real life love stories? Even though fictional stories can move us, they will never have the same sway as inspirational real life stories.



Sign up and Share your Amazing Real Life Love Stories at PeoplePedia!

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For those of...

How to Make Someone Remember You Forever by Writing Your Story Online

How to Make Someone Remember You Forever

Being remembered forever is something that many of us fantasize about. We relish the thought of living on, even after our earthly bodies have expired. We wish that we could preserve ourselves so that anybody could meet us, learn from us, and hear about our life experiences.

Each of us has a story that is totally unique, and it’s troubling to think about how many people leave this life without writing their stories down for future generations to read.

No two people are exactly the same, and no two people ever will be.

Knowing that you are a one-of-a-kind is very empowering. Perhaps it motivates you to become well known and recognized for all the things that make you who you are.

There has never been anyone just like you, and there never will be. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you, and everything that makes you unique, perished just because your physical body reached the conclusion of its time on Earth?

Signing up for Peoplepedia and writing your story online will put an end to this fear!


Why Do You Want to Be Remember Forever?

People want to be remember forever because they comprehend how special they are. It’s truly amazing to consider that out of approximately 7.5 billion people living on this planet, there is not a single person who is exactly like you. Not one.

Many people don’t understand the gravity of this fact. They don’t realize the great power, and the great...