Linkedin Profile Examples for Job Seekers

Linkedin Profile Examples for Job Seekers

Creating LinkedIn Profile from Your Peoplepedia Page

If you’ve decided that it’s time for you to look for a career change—or even your first professional job role—a LinkedIn profile is a highly-recommended tool for job seekers to network and use their connections to find new jobs and careers. It’s pretty easy to sign up, but most people pause when it’s time to start filling out all the information. That’s normal, as it can be difficult to sell yourself as a professional and sell your career history and job skills objectively. Additionally, it can be difficult, to sum up your positions at each company in a concise manner and describing your essential job functions can leave you frustrated and ready to quit looking for a job.

What if there already was a profile about you that you could transfer to LinkedIn to help you sell your experience and skills on the job market?

If you already have a Peoplepedia profile, your LinkedIn profile is already written. When you write about your day-to-day life in Peoplepedia, you’re already writing about your job functions, your skills, and your career history.  Also, when you fill in your STATUS in Peoplepedia, you are defining what kind of job or career you are seeking.  Then, it’s easy to copy and paste your Peoplepedia profile page to your LinkedIn profile sections, and suddenly, you have a comprehensive and detailed career history, highlighting your accomplishments and career advancements! It’s all there on your Peoplepedia page.

Finding an example of a LinkedIn profile for job seekers is no longer a struggle when you have a Peoplepedia account.  And now, your Status Profile in Peoplepedia is another networking tool that you can use to make connections in the business world while you look for a career change or a new job.

Just remember that the first step in creating a LinkedIn profile is creating a Peoplepedia account and begin building your profile on Peoplepedia.  After all, your Peoplepedia profile will have your greatest achievements and accomplishments, which you can then highlight on your LinkedIn profile.

Join Peoplepedia today and start building the profile that may land you the job of your dreams.

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