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How Do I Want to Be Remembered?

“Can I Be Remembered When I’m Gone?”

“They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.”

— Banksy

When a person reflects on their life and thinks about what will happen when they pass, you may hear them say things such as “I want to be remembered,” or “remember me when I’m gone.”

This is completely normal. Everyone wants to be remembered when they pass away. The legacy that we leave behind and how other people remember us is a way to measure how many lives we touched. It’s important to us that our friends and family remember us when we leave this world, as we would remember them.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that you will be remembered for as long as possible when you’re gone, but you need to ask yourself “how do I want to be remembered?”

Through photos?

Take a seemingly unnecessary number of photos with your friends and family and have them developed or backed up on a USB drive. It may be annoying for the people in your life, but when you are gone, your loved ones will have visual reminders of all your memories together. They can pass your pictures down from generation to generation and you will always be remembered by your family and friends.

Through hand-written journal?

Writing a journal of your everyday life is not only therapeutic for you, but it will let your loved ones flip through the pages of your life when you’ve passed away. Although this method is traditional, your handwriting is an indicator of your personality and anyone who reads it can feel closer to you after your death.

Through intangible memories?

We all want to live in the moment. Stopping to take pictures, voice memos, or write notes about our experiences hinders us from mentally being with everyone else. So, you make memories with your loved ones with limited time spent solidifying evidence of your experience. This is a wonderful way to live life and your friends and family will remember you fondly, but there will be nothing left behind to re-experience those moments together.

How Can People Always Remember Me When I’m Gone?

Start sharing your story on Peoplepedia. The sooner you start, the more of your life, passions, and achievements you can record for future generations to read.

You’re probably already sharing your story online through your social media feeds or offline in files on a computer. But piecing together all of your timelines in a chronological order is difficult and your password-protected computer and accounts will be impossible to access.

Your digital legacy on Peoplepedia will help you be remembered forever. A comprehensive record of your life through Peoplepedia will allow your loved ones to always remember you. The next time you hear a loved one asking, “remember me when I’m gone,” tell them that the internet will always be there—so will Peoplepedia—to store your digital legacy that will continue after your death.