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  • September 2nd, 2023

    Physiotherapy at Home - Get personalized and convenient physiotherapy at home with our expert therapists. Regain mobility and independence in the comfort of your own space.

    Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy - Our specialized cerebral palsy physiotherapy program focuses on improving motor skills and enhancing the quality of life for individuals with cerebral palsy.

    Neck Physiotherapy - Experience relief from neck pain and discomfort through tailored neck physiotherapy sessions designed to address your specific needs.

    Cardio Physiotherapy - Our dedicated cardio physiotherapy program supports cardiovascular health and recovery, helping you achieve your heart wellness goals.

    Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre - Visit our state-of-the-art physiotherapy rehabilitation centre for comprehensive care and recovery plans tailored to your unique requirements.

    Physiotherapy Department in Hospital - Our hospital's esteemed physiotherapy department offers a wide range of services to aid in your recovery and rehabilitation process.

    MS General Surgery - Explore our cutting-edge MS general surgery department, where highly skilled surgeons provide advanced surgical treatments and care.

    MD Cardiology - Trust our experienced cardiologists for top-notch MD cardiology services, ensuring your heart health is in capable hands.

    Clinical Cardiology - Receive expert care in clinical cardiology for accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans to manage your heart conditions effectively.

    Children's Cardiology - Our pediatric cardiology specialists offer compassionate care for your child's heart health, ensuring their well-being from infancy to adolescence.

    ENT Specialist - Consult our dedicated ENT specialist for comprehensive ear, nose, and throat care, addressing a wide range of issues for optimal health.

    Throat Doctor - Our throat doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating throat-related conditions, providing relief and ensuring your comfort.

    Surya Ortho & Trauma Centre - At the Surya Ortho & Trauma Centre, we prioritize orthopedic and trauma care, offering advanced treatments for bone and joint conditions.

    Burn Unit in Hospital PPT - Learn about our cutting-edge burn unit through an informative presentation, highlighting our expertise in burn care and rehabilitation.

    Paediatric Dermatology - Our skilled dermatologists specialize in paediatric dermatology, ensuring the skin health of children and adolescents with care and precision.