A Message from Peoplepedia Founder, Mark Hamilton

Hello. As a professional writer for the past four decades, I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing in coffee shops. Over the past nearly forty years, I have heard people socializing all around me, and if there is one thing I have learned about human nature, it is this: people of all ages — toddlers, teens, adults, seniors — love to talk about their passions, pursuits, accomplishments and achievements. Indeed, spanning the years and years of all the socializing going on around me, I have noticed a common thread: people have a deep desire to be known, recognized, and remembered. Yet only a tiny fraction of the human race ever gets into the pages of Wikipedia. So I started the much-needed Peoplepedia to serve our human nature and bring everyone in. Now everyone can be known, recognized, and remembered. It is the most natural and rewarding thing in the world to do.

As more and more people fill out their Peoplepedia Pages, we are filling up the pages of the 21st-century, encyclopedia of the human race. Today start your page. Capture you on your page: a summary of your life. Start now and edit, update, and keep it fresh throughout your life. Use this free tool to immortalize you! Be known, be recognized, be remembered.

Let the world know who you are…your interests and accomplishments.  Start your page now…and continue to build and edit your page as you live your life.  Along the way, you may hear from interesting people who are interested in you or just plain appreciate who you are and admire what you have done…be it family members and friends commenting and complimenting, or altogether new persons interested in you or even your business ventures.  Adults could meet the love of their lives this way or even get messaged for employment or for business.  Kids and teens could befriend other kids and teens with similar interests.  But most importantly, one’s life, one’s interests and accomplishments get documented for eternity as Peoplepedia immortalizes you in the pages of human history.


Children, teens, young and old adults alike can start their Peoplepedia Page today.  It’s never too early, but one day it could be too late.  It’s free and it grows along with you for your entire life.  It is your face to the world and your partner in life, sometimes introducing you to wonderful people and paths you would otherwise never know throughout your life.  Your Peoplepedia Page makes your life richer and fuller.  And your Peoplepedia Page will be here, holding your place in history, after you are gone.


Peoplepedia is an autobiographical encyclopedia.  Sharing subjective feelings with the objective facts adds a deeper dimension to the information.  Peoplepedia captures your soul, who you are inside and out as you move through life.  Even living, well-known persons who are placed in biographical-encyclopedic Wikipedia will want an autobiographical-encyclopedic Peoplepedia Page to also integrate their emotional souls with the objective facts for the record and for their loved ones and family-line to know and feel now and for posterity.  Indeed, imagine (although technologically not possible) if Peoplepedia were here generations ago, and imagine today reading historic figures in the Peoplepedia paradigm.  I would love to know, for example, Henry Ford’s inner feelings as he invented the assembly line and raised America’s standard of living!  Or imagine “knowing” your great great grandfather, his heart and soul, reading his own words about his passions, pursuits, achievements and accomplishments.  Imagine your great great granddaughter someday knowing you, reading your words, knowing your soul and your life.  Peoplepedia allows us to know each other and draws us closer together, around the world and through the generations.


The beauty of Peoplepedia is that everyone is part of the big picture that forms mankind, not just “notable” people who make it into Wikipedia.  Famous or not, you are a page in the pages of history.  You are important.  You will be known, recognized, and remembered because of Peoplepedia.


Keep your Peoplepedia Page current — this summary of your life, your interests, your accomplishments…this reflection of you, your feelings, your soul…your eternal documentation of your precious life, your page in the pages of history.  You do not have to be rich and famous to be known and to forever be part of history.  You do not have to be forgotten after you are gone.  You do not have to be unknown and unrecognized while here either.  Peoplepedia is here to change that.  You are an irreplaceable page in the 21st-century encyclopedia of the human race.  Peoplepedia will make sure the world and history know and remember who you are.  Start your page in this encyclopedia today.  It is absolutely free!  Be known.  Be recognized.  And be remembered, forever.



Mark Hamilton




PS After you start your Peoplepedia Page I will send you a free gift — one of my coveted, hand-selected writings that tends to boost people’s well-being and wealth!